Cuddle Me Pro is proud to offer an array of human connection services under one umbrella:
Professional Cuddlist & Official Cuddle Party Facilitator  trained & skilled at holding a safe space for others to have healthy consensual non-sexual touch experiences either in an Individual Cuddle Session or at a Cuddle Party.
Essential Oil Educator  proposing the use of essential oils in conjunction with, or to eventually wean from, using prescription and over-the-counter drugs whenever medically feasible.
Care Companion  an ethical and professional companion service for your loved one. Assessing and pairing Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA's) to regularly visit your loved one for human connection and social engagement.
Touch Network  a group of healthy touch professionals comprised of professional cuddlers (individual sessions & group facilitators), massage therapists, touch therapists, and many more! For healthy touch professionals desiring to be physically held, emotionally supported, active in talk supervision, receive fresh marketing materials, and gain on-going education an annual subscription fee and regular attendance of monthly get togethers is suggested. Those living outside of the area can inquire about long distance subscriptions.
Interviews & Public Speaking  available to share empowerment knowledge and enlightenment information about the services she provides and the healthy touch community.
Private Property Management  16+ years of private property management services provided to tenants on behalf of owners overseeing tenant screening, rental agreements, property turnovers, itemizations, rental income, associated payments, court representation, HOA compliance, and more.

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An Initial Session is 1 hour (60 minutes).
Following Sessions are anything beyond the Initial Session up to 4 hours.
An Overnight is 10 paid hours with 2 bonus hours.

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Pictured below is the Individual Cuddle Session area at the Cuddle Haven
In Call = Cuddlist Location (Cuddle Haven)
Out Call = Other Predetermined Location by You and The Cuddlist

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1. Client and practitioner both verify that they are at least the legal age of consent in their location.
2. Client and practitioner both agree to be free from any mind-altering substances during the sessions and are thereby fully able to give consent.
3. Client agrees to fully disclose any diagnoses or conditions that may affect their session to the practitioner.
4. Client and practitioner both agree to practice consent and attention to personal boundaries at all times.
5. Client and practitioner will communicate to find what is mutually comfortable throughout each session. This applies to all communication prior to and after sessions as well.
6. This is a non-sexual service. Both clients and practitioners agree to not pursue or encourage sexual arousal. Also:
Minimum clothing of tank top and shorts to mid-thigh for both practitioner and client at all times.
No hand to genital contact or intentional genital stimulation of any kind.
No touching underneath clothing.
No exchanging of saliva in any way.
7. Client and practitioner both agree to respectful personal hygiene. Client agrees to let know if any practitioners do not have acceptable personal hygiene.
8. Client CONFIDENTIALITY is to be respected at all times.
9. Either party may end the session at any time.

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Click on the link below to select a date and register to attend a Fairfield Cuddle Party!
Care Companion

If you've been searching for the most ethical and professional care companion for your loved one...look no further. Care Companion is the service provider for you! We assess and pair a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to regularly visit your loved one at their residence for human connection and social engagement. These visits are individually tailored to address your concerns and meet the needs of each individual client. Our CNA's are trained to provide respectful quality time interactions and wellness checks. A summary follows each visit which can be shared with you, if the client consents. 

Worry no more about your loved one. Set them up today with a Care Companion.

Click on the following link for more information about Care Companion or to set up a Client Service Assessment
Enlightenment *

Tell me about your position and share more information about your purpose for interviewing me or the group to which you desire me to speak
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Healthy Existence

For more information on Essential Oils and Diffusers to assist naturally with your overall health, click on the link below. Using essential oils either topically (on the skin), aromatically (inhaled), or internally (ingested) can bring the body to a more peaceful and well-balanced state of being.
Touch Network (Professionals Only) *

Tell me about your business/profession and share about your desire to become involved with the Touch Network
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